Don’t throw your old laser toner cartridges away use our new pick and refill service
Toner Refilling Service
When your car needs petrol you don’t throw it away do you?

collect laser toner cartridges and refillso why on earth do people just throw away there old laser printer cartridges.
Now we know some of you are shouting we don’t! we donate them to charity or a man comes once a month and picks up the old laser printer cartridges we have collected from our offices. Now the charity donation is great but you can still donate your old toner cartridges after you have read a bit more about what we do.
Now as far as this man collecting your old laser toner printer cartridges where do you think they go?.
Well here is the little secret HE SELLS THEM to people like me and believe me he makes a small fortune! we then buy the printer cartridges from him and refurbish the toner cartridges and sell them back to the people who collected them every one is happy! I Dont Think So.
Here Are The Facts

  • Most laser toner cartridges can be refilled more than once before essential components begin to wear.
  • Refilling a laser toner cartridge does not effect your printer warrenty.
  • We will pick up your toner cartridges refill and chip if required and return.
  • We will advise you if the life of the toner cartridge has ended and donate to a charity of your choice.
  • This will save your business hundreds of pounds in printing costs.
  • Our prices start from just £10.00 per laser toner cartridge refill.

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